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Who we are...

Hey! I'm Jessica and I just want to start with saying thank you, thank you so much for letting us make something for your home. We started this little business as a way to bring some extra income in so I could continue to stay home with our boys Spencer and Lincoln. We chose to use their middle names for our business because everything we do is for them. That was in 2017, we have now been able to make this our full-time job that we love end enjoy so much.

My husband Cory(who I promise isn't as cranky as he looks :))), my mom, stepdad and a good friend all work together with us on your order. Everything is cut, sanded, painted, stained and shipped  in our 24' x 24' garage that we've converted into our shop. You're truly supporting our family when you order from us and we cannot thank you enough!

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out. 

You can email us here: 

Or find us on Facebook or Instagram.